Chapter 1606 - Montgomery GI Bill - Selected Reserves


Basic Eligibility: 

  • Member MUST be in drill status to use benefits. 

  • Member MUST have a signed six-year contract after July 1, 1985. 

  • Member MUST have completed 180 days of duty in the selected reserve or guard.

  • Member MUST have a GED or high school diploma.

To Enroll:


The member will complete and return the following paperwork to UC Merced's Veteran Services Office:

  • Application for Educational Benefits: VA Form 22-1990.

  • Copy of Notice of Basic Eligibility (NOBE) can be obtained from member's unit.

  • Copy of Reserves/Guard Kicker paperwork.  

EACH SEMESTER, the student must fill out a Veteran Enrollment Card and submit it to the Veteran Services Office.


  • ANY CHANGES to the student's major or if transferring in from another school will require the veteran to complete and return VA Form 22-1995 to the Veteran Services Office. 



If member needs a tutor, they should contact the Veteran Services Office.

  • Complete and return VA Form 22-1990t to the Veteran Services Office.

  • The member must be attending at least half-time.

  • Contact, negotiation of wages and pay is the member's responsibility.

  • The member is eligible to receive $100 per month, up to $600 per semester and up to $1200 total, for tutor-reimbursement expenses.


Contact information:


UC Merced's Veterans Service Office: 209-228-2736

Veterans Administration Educational Office: 888-442-4551

Veterans Administration Direct Deposit information: 888-442-4551

Call to Active Duty Procedures